Get ready for our sixth Catalyst Conference!

April 22-26, 2021

In 2020 the Catalyst Conference, an exhibition of student learning

and advocacy efforts on behalf of real world problems,

brought together 350+ students from 76 GOA schools 

 in 18 different countries and 27 US states.

Check out their work! 

In 2020 the conference took place during the current global pandemic, which has affected almost everyone everywhere and has moved many schools from physical campuses to online spaces. 

Explore the students’ projects and watch two special events: 

  • a conversation with four GOA Bioethics students, who used a bioethics lens to look at COVID-19 in their conference projects
  • highlights from a series of interviews where Climate Change students discovered the incredible and varied ways adults are working on climate change solutions

These student efforts give us hope. They also assure us that young adults will thrive and enable others to do the same in a globally networked society. We are all in this together. 

Based on the topics of GOA courses and courses at member schools, the diverse student work illuminates:

how opportunities for advocacy exist in myriad areas of our lives and studies, right in our own communities and neighborhoods.