Q: How do I navigate this conference?

You can check out our page that has some tips for how to navigate the GOA Catalyst Conference.

Q: How do I get in contact with the conference?

If you encounter any technical issues, please contact our program coordinator at If something about our website is misbehaving, please include screenshots and links to the page showing the error.

Q: Who designed the Catalyst Conference logo?


The logo was designed by David B of Germantown Friends School in Philadelphia.  He developed the logo as part of an assignment in his GOA Graphic Design class.

Q: When does the conference open and close?

The conference opens on April 23 around 00:00 UTC.  It will remain formally open through Monday, April 27.  Student projects stay up for months after the conference and are eventually be archived.

Q: How can I find projects from my school?

You can filter all projects by school on the main conference page using the “schools” dropdown.

Q: I made a comment but it is not showing up, why?

All comments are moderated. We’ll aim do moderate fast, but we it likely won’t be immediate. Once it clears moderation, you will see it. Thank you for giving the students feedback! They are eager to hear from you and use your ideas and questions to move their work forward.