Giving Denver a Metro System: How will a metro system help Coloradans Save Their Environment and Time?

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Project Statement

The population in Denver has grown about 20% since 2010, and it is growing even faster in the past couple of years ( Just in the last 2 years, I have noticed that traffic has gotten dramatically worse, and that means since more and more people are moving here more and more people are beginning to drive on our roads. Creating a metro system would not only help the environment but the traffic as well. I have lived in a city where there is a metro system and it is a part of the social culture that seems to get integrated as it is developed. One of the biggest problems that surround public transportation is the lack of cleanliness, which turns many people away from using it. I want to make sure that the stations/stops look welcoming and clean. To do this, there will be an enormous focus on the design and aesthetic of the building as viewed from the outside. I believe that a part of accomplishing this will include sustainable, environmentally friendly materials. I also want the inside to be clean and straightforward. There is a lot of modern architecture and design around me, so I am going to use that as a general starting point and work up from there, implementing the ideas that I have and create on my own. For the purpose of this project, I will be focusing on designing just one specific part of one of the possible metro stops that would be developed. This specific stop will be located in City Park. Although the purpose is to really focus in on one specific part of the station to make sure that it is doable and realistic, I believe that the stop/station I will design will be feasible as I am imagining that it will have an open floor plan as well as close proximity to each other to make it functional. The SDGs I am focusing on for this project are Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure (Goal 9), Sustainable Cities and Communities (Goal 11), and Climate Action (Goal 13). 


For the basic design of all of the different stations/stops there needs to be: a large entrance/exit, as it will be the same opening, an information desk, a coffee stand, restrooms, and a ticket purchasing area. I want all of the stations to be modern, clean, and neat with modern architecture, easy access, and fluidity. To make sure that the stations maintain a sense of cleanliness, I will have to hire a cleaning staff near each location to come in and clean daily. This will cost more money, but I think it will be so much more beneficial in the long run. For the use of materials, I want to include a lot of natural light. I believe it will make the space seem natural, especially in the location where the sunrise and sunset can be viewed. The basic structure of the station will be concrete, and the canopy and overhand will be metal. These materials are very accessible and provide a sleek look to the building. Overall, the station will be compact, sleek, and simple. The basic structure will be around 67’ x 50’ x 10’. To allow a good flow of people, the entrance and exit will be the same opening without a barrier in between. After people enter the station, I want the welcome center to be very obvious and with close proximity to the entrance for those who need help or have questions immediately after they enter, so it will be located immediately to the left. Immediately to the right of the entrance I am going to place the coffee stand that will also serve snacks. It is very obvious and easy to make a quick stop and then continue into the station. Further into the station, on the right side, I am going to place a sitting area. There will be chairs like those in an airport, but be more modern with a wooden base and metal chairs. It will be able to seat many people, but be appealing and welcoming. In the back right of the station will be the restrooms as well as the elevator. Deeper into the station on the left side will be a large screen with train information and a map. In the far left hand corner of the station will be the ticketing booths. Aligned with the entrance, the stairs will be located in the far back, as it is the last “step” to be reached. There will be options to stop and get information or snacks, but the station itself will allow for a flow straight from the entrance to the steps down to the track for those who are in a rush or do not need to stop. The entrance will be facing Southwest and will have windows facing that way as well. The metal overhand will need support, so I will have metal beams that will support it and come down into a concrete block, which can be used for seating as well. Since I want the station to be sustainable and efficient, I will have solar panels on the roof. For heating, I will use a ground source e-pump. This reduces the amount of energy needed to heat and cool the building since the coolant will be taken from the ground, which is consistently around 56˚F.



The entire purpose of the project is to reduce the amount of gasses released into the atmosphere, specifically in Denver. Since I am only focusing on one station, I do not need to go into too much detail on the other parts of the system. Below I have a basic map of Denver and where the different metro lines would run and how far they would go. Depending on the location of the station, it would be themed based on its surroundings. For example, if it is near Empower Field at Mile High I could have a Broncos and football theme, if it is near Coors Field it could have a Rockies and baseball theme, if it is near the aquarium it could have an ocean and fish theme. 

Case Studies

Railway Station by Ahmad Soran
What I see in his presentation:My thoughts:
Both examples have some sort of canopy that shields the tracks/travelers from the outdoorsMaybe I could have one at the entrance of the station and overhead the entrance to the tracks and the waiting area. 
“Foster cultures inside the railway station with a rich sense of humanity is the best way to curate the experience of visitors”Allowing those to experience a part of the local culture by simply traveling somewhereMake the travelers feel connected to where they are, make them stop and look around
He wants to make sure that those who are looking and wondering through the gallery don’t interact/intersect with those who are traveling and trying to go somewhere in a rush. Although he doesn’t want them to intersect and disrupt both parties, he still wants the travelers to be able to see what is happening inside the gallery to enable them to also see what is going onMake it to where the people sitting down and using the space as a relaxed/working space do not get mixed with those who are simply using the station for travel.I want to make sure that each party doesn’t get distracted, but also make sure that those travelers have a chance to sit down and be intrigued by the space to sit down
“I have, therefore, selected steel as the major material, not only because of contect coherent, but the fact that it is the most commonly recycled building material. It can be used as a resource in creating a new product because it can be easily separated from construction debris” & “Form of the building is driven by the environmental strategy”
Major focus on the environmental impact and wanting to use nature as a driving factor into the form of the building.Make sure that I take into consideration the natural light and the resources around and available
Has very natural looking and blended elevations within the entire structure and makes use of the elevations to show the hierarchyI may not have as large a structure with as many elevations, but definitely make use of the idea of hierarchy with elevations. I may just have a two story structure and then a pit/downstairs
Has its own system for collecting rainwater and allows it to be pumped throughout the buildingMaybe I could have a system like that, but I’m not sure if Denver has enough water to be recycled just from rain
Took into consideration of the sun path and the windGood idea to consider doing, although the location I am thinking about is surrounded by other buildings
Really nice visual of how things will flow and what components are in which areas
Another very nice visual of more detailed information within each space
Nakhon Rachasima Railway Station
What I see in his presentation:My thoughts:
Detailed visual of roof formation. I really like the visual of this. The structure of the roof is designed to where it acts like a canopy, which is common with many stations that I have seen. It is also clear what is happening in the transformation, even though I can’t read the language of the comments. I should include this type of transformation visual when possible. It is super organized and sleek and allows for those to clearly see what is happening
The entire structure is built for high speed trains, which are new, modern, sleek, and high tech. The station itself reflects that feeling of high tech and sleekness and makes the travelers engulfed with the feeling of modernessI want to make sure that the ambiance matches the purpose and the building itself
The presentation has many models and visuals of what the building looks like in seperate pieces and how it all comes together on top of itself. There are also very realistic image renderings of the final product which is super cool.I want to include these in my presentation as I think it really looks professional and thought out
U-Tapao International Airport by Maison Tomjued
What I see in his presentation:My thoughts:
The theme of the presentation directly matches the product that he is showcasing. This is super clever and allows the viewer to be really entranced in the entire theme of the presentationI want to make sure that the presentation of my theme matches the overall product that I am showing, but I also don’t want it to be too directly matched to where it looks like too much or where it looks less professional
Includes maps and has clear marking to layout what is going on. This is super helpful and allows the viewer to have a clear sense of the surroundings and location. I want to make sure that I include many maps and layouts so that people have a very clear understanding of the surroundings and aren’t confused about anything
The structure itself is super appealing and modern.I really like the unique shape of it and how it clearly helps the flow of people
N/AI want to make sure that my structure has a very unique look that attracts people to just come and see it. There is a lot of natural light through the use of windows and this is also the same idea that I had.

Client Interviews

Mr. Smith –
Mr. Smith is a specialist in our information, innovation, and technology department at Kent Dever. I am a part of our school’s Institute for Tech and Design, and he is my advisor. He knows a lot about 3D printing, laser cutting, designing, metals, etc. I think he would be a very good person to bounce ideas off of and to help think of possible problems that might arise.

Current Architect – Doug Walter –
Doug Walter and Tomas Hartis are local architects and I think that getting their input will help me see some flaws and allow me to problem solve to fix them. They know the area and are familiar with other things around the city that might help me think of new additions.

Site Analysis

Southwest Corner of City Park

Existing Conditions:

The site is currently a park with an open space of grass and some groupings of trees. One of my lines already goes through City Park and the zoo, so this would be the station that people would arrive at. There aren’t any current structures, so that eliminates having to tear down other buildings. The site itself will be pretty easy to build on top of.


The calm setting of the site invites people in, and the station will rely a lot on natural light through tall windows which gives it a sense of being in nature and blending in with its surroundings. I want to have a view from as many places from inside the station as possible. There will be a view from the sitting area facing Southeast and another view looking out Southwest through the entrance. There will be places an inviting welcome area, with places to sit down as well to feel like they are blending in in the surroundings.


There will definitely be bathrooms, so there needs to be a source of water. I want solar panels to be the primary collection of energy. There will be tunnels underground as well, as that’s where the metro will run. I will be using a ground source e-pump which allows for less energy to be used while heating and cooling the building. 

Neighborhood Context:

The area itself is pretty known, and the entire park is around 330 acres. City Park also houses the Denver Zoo and the Museum of Nature and Science. There are public tennis courts and a golf course. The neighborhoods to the West are considered City Park West, the neighborhoods to the North are considered Skyland, the neighborhoods to the East are considered Park Hill, and the neighborhoods to the South are considered Congress Park. Because of the multiple attractions, City Park is quite busy at times and people are always running as well. 


There is a very close and direct path to the main street, E 17th Avenue, and paths and small roads that easily lead people further into the park. The station itself will have a large entrance/exit to allow people to flow in and out freely and without too much cluster. 


For the most part, the area is very calm and peaceful. Since it is a park, there is a certain ambiance of tranquility as well as a friendly, active place. Since the park does have an ambiance of calmness, those who are in a rush to travel may feel more at ease in the station. 


There is plenty of space around the station to add fun amenities such as a playground, or small fields. There is also room for a flower and vegetable garden and maybe a small greenhouse as well. Although it would be cool to add these things, I want to make sure that it isn’t taking away from the natural ambiance of the site.

Program Data Sheets


Bubble Diagram

Mood Board

Drawings / Schematics

Site Plan

Floor Plans

Elevations & Perspective

Three-Dimensional Model

There are some unpainted parts within the model and that is due to the tape that I used, which couldn’t be painted over.

Drawings – Design Development

Complete sketches of initial schematics with color.

Additional sketches of exterior and interior with color.

Feedback Survey

Please let me know how I did! Follow the link below!

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