Have you ever had difficulty searching for an internship? or wished that there was a platform where you could search for them?

“Learning by doing is more valuable than learning through textbooks “

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What you need to know:

During my last summer break I was searching for an internhsip/ volunteering opportunity, but I had a hard time finding one on my own. Luckily, I found two internships but it was because of connections from my family and friends. During this course “Entrepreneurship in a global context” I had the chance to take on a problem and figure out a solution.

I surveyed 130 students and the average number was 5/10 which means they had some sort of hardship/ trouble finding an intership, but the students surveyed were mainly students with some sort of connections and have their school to support them and help them find internships and volunteering opportunities. Other students in Jordan from public schools who may not have the same opportunity as other students will have a harder time getting their hands on an intership. Also many organizations lack volunteers, but at the same time many students do not know where to volunteer so if there is a platform that could connect both the organizations and the students together it would make it much easier for both sides to connect with each other and benefit from each other.

I decided to create a platform where High school students and University students can search for internships and volunteering opportunities. Internships provide students with something more valuable than what is found in text books. Internships offer students work related experience and exposes them to potential careers that they might want to pursue in the future. 


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My response : What can we do ?

91 % of the students surveyed said they would like to have a platform where they could search for internships and volunteering opprotunities.

68% of the students surveyed said they would prefer to search for those internships on an online website. So I went on and created a demo website.

I have also secured a couple of internships as a start for the website.

Hopefully, students will start using this website as a reference to search internships and volunteering opportunities.

How you can help:

1- Give me feedback on the website ( is it easy to use)

2- Do you think a mobile application would be more effective ?

3- What internships would you like to see on the platform ?

4- Share this startup on your social media accounts

5- If you have any comments/feedback please let me know.

Thank you


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