How can bland and structured college visits be changed?

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“My college visits thusfar have been a series of helpful, yet tasteless tours that have not pushed my desire towards a specific college.”

– Junior at Gilman School

“During my tour, I never devloped a sense of what the school actually offers and its unique aspects. I felt as if I could have manged to find all information the tour guide was conyeying myself.”

– Junior at Roland Park Country Scool

“I believe if I had some tool during my college search process that helped me clearly distinguish what each school offers, it would have made the process quiker and less stressful.”

– Freshman at Middlebury College

“An easy, organized app that connects real college students with students in the midst of searching and offers them a chance to ascertain the pros and cons of a university would have been extremly beneficial during my search process.”

– Freshman at Brown University

“I struggled during while searching for colleges because each visit I took blended together with the rest. I wasn’t unitil I was able to stay over and visit with a friend that I truly found what I loved about the college. She gave me an inside view of her daily life on campus that really influened my descion.”

– Freshman at Pepperdine University

App Overview (Prospective Student Account): 

  • 2 account options: college tour guides and prospective students


  • This is what people see when they open your profile 
  • Gives snapshot of your life/personality/intersts 
  • Contains details about desires in a college 


  • Holds the dates of your visits 
  • Each tour guide will have a caleneder under their account with open/taken dates

Liked Colleges: 

  • Colleges you are interested in visiting 
  • Able to search for more colleges and like them
  • College profile will give general description of themselves 
    • Below will be a list of possible tour guides
    • Tour guides profiles will contain snapshot of life/personaliy/interests


  • Students able to reach out, chat, learn about, and determine  visit date with tour guide 
  • Funtion: form connection between tour guides and students so first time ecounter is not socially awkward 


  • Contains people you have chatted, visted, and built relationships with 
  • Organzied way of finding people if you want to talk or schedule a visit 
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  1. April 24, 2020 by Charlotte

    Hi Ryan, I love your idea! College visits are definitely a somewhat daunting and impersonal experience overall, and I think your idea for an app does a great way of improving that! What initially gave you this idea or sparked your interest in creating a response to this subject?

  2. April 25, 2020 by Olivia

    Hey Ryan! This is a super insightful presentation and helpful to kids now! As someone who has been affected with changes in our world, and this sounds like a super great way to get connected!

  3. April 27, 2020 by Cam

    Hi Ryan, I really like your project and this app is such an innovative and helpful idea. I’m currently a senior who just finished the whole college process and I can say for sure that if apps like this had been available to me during my searching time it would have made the whole experience a lot easier. I actually ended up choosing to go to the school my sister had gone to and though it was my dream school, I definitely think a part of it was because I had personal insight from her that I wasn’t offered through the tours, and I really wonder if had I been able to hear more stories like hers from students at other colleges would that have influenced my decision to go somewhere else. Though I’m also wondering if along with this app do you think it would be important to propose a change to how college tours are run in general, such as the places or information they cover within the tour?

  4. April 28, 2020 by Elana Munasinghe

    Hey Ryan! Excellent ideas used, I really appreciated the fact that your article contained few words, the quotes were helpful though, but your lack of text and compilation of honest messages really made this article different to others for me. I enjoyed that the main method of communication you used towards your audience was your video. Good job!

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