How Can Hospitals Be Healthier?

“Humans are social creatures.” – Clay Shirkey
This is the homepage of the app. There is a movie section where you can watch movies/tv alone/with friends, a music section where you can find and listen to music, a games section where you can play games alone or with friends, a learn section where you can find a new passion and stay engaged, a food section where the patient can order food, a message section where you can stay in touch with friends and meet new ones, a nurse icon where you can call the nurse for help, and an ok? icon to gauge how the patient is doing mentally.

Why should this app be important? It is important because according to Mental Health Connecticut, “Lack of social communication leads to 50+% risk of death, and may lead to Alzheimer’s, Depression, Neuroticism, and Hallucinations”. The necessity for communication is even more important when one looks at the European Review For Medical and Psychological Science’s research which shows that isolation can lead to higher chances of hospital patiens catching pneumonia. These facts prove the necessity for heartbeat because the biggest danger to health in hospitals is isolation since patients are “trapped” and secluded from communication and society. Hopefully, through Quarantine, we have empathy for these people and we understand theri pain. Heartbeat will help mend the wounds of isolation and in turn improve mental health of these patients which can help them get healthier quicker and/or better their situation. 

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Here is a link which will direct you to interviews of patients who have to deal with isolaton. This study was done by B. Guilley-Lerondeau, C. Bourigault, A.-C. Guille des Buttes, G. Birgand & D. Lepelletier.

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