How can practicing positive psychology and gratitude help kids who suffer from cancer? 


Jiry Rosecrans, 12, (left) paints alongside art specialist McCal Johnson at Sanford Roger Maris Cancer Center in Fargo, N.D.

What you need to know :

It is very important to focus on the mental health of a child during their treatment. Depending on how old the child is, the reasons they are scared or stressed can be different. According to American Cancer Society, younger kid are often afraid of the separation from their families during their painful treatments, while older kids who are in high school tend to struggle with the major change in their social lives and schedules. These problems can lower self-esteem and cause depression to rise in a child. 

Benefits of Gratitude: Gratitude has been shown to improve mental and even physical health in a person. There are many benefits that would help any person but I think there are a few specifically that children with cancer would really benefit from. First, gratitude helps increase mental health. This is because gratitude helps lower stress levels, and well as increase the amount of resilience a person has. Second of all, it helps improve the psychological health in a person. Practicing gratitude has been shown to increase happiness and positive thoughts, as well as lower depression in people. These are two benefits I think kids with cancer could strongly benefit from.

My Response: 

This is the “Book of Positive Psychology, Gratitude, and Crafts“. This book can be placed in patients hospital rooms so they can have ideas for crafts they want to do, as well as learn about practicing positive psychology and gratitude. I found crafts and practices that I thought would be easy for children in a hospital room while still being enjoyable to do. 

How Can You Help? : In the comments, share how you would like to show your support to kids who suffer from cancer. Whether this is reaching out to someone you know cancer who is effected by, writing uplifting letters to children in the hospital, or anything else you might be inspired to do.

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