How can we bike more sustainably and conveniently?

Renewable materials – Off-road capable – Conveniently folding – Bike


This revolutionary design is targeted towards Outdoor enthusiasts, urban dwellers, university students, frequent commuters, and sustainably conscious consumers!

Investor Information:

Recommended at 1.5 speed

Below find images of slides contained in loom slideshow presentation.


We hope to expand our customer research and would greatly appreciate any feedback!

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  1. April 24, 2020 by Lola


    Great idea! I think everyone should at least bike sometimes and always have a bike right beside them. Maybe everyone could get a free cheap bike since it would be essential if everyone moved to riding bikes replacing cars. I was wondering what would people do for really long distances? Say someone goes to work an hour away driving?

    Thank you for raising awareness to this issue!

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