How can we teach young adults in Los Angeles the importance of eating specific foods that are good for them and have health benefits that will help them stay healthy?

Nutrition is a big factor in a person’s health and is very important.


Nutrition is an essential part of having and maintaining a healthy body. The basis of good nutrition is based on knowing what foods are good for you and what foods aren’t. It is not so much about counting calories or measuring food. Eating the right foods can improve overall health, wellness, bone health, mental clarity, and energy. What constitutes healthy can be different for everyone, but there are foods that have health benefits for the majority of people.

Many people overlook proper nutrition because of a lack of knowledge. Additionally, it is sometimes easier to eat unhealthy foods.

In Los Angeles, social media and influencing is very prevalent. There can be a lot of pressure on young adults to look a certain way and eat certain things. This can be problematic for many ways. A lot of people do not know how to eat healthy so they can lose weight rather than not eating or reducing quantity. Additionally, access can play into some difficulties. It can be expensive or difficult to get healthy foods.


We can spread awareness of this as an issue. We can show people how much nutrition affects and how it can affect everyone’s lives.

We can also spread knowledge to help those in need. We need to educate people on their health and how nutrition plays into that. We show people that nutrition can be a simple step in changing your health for now and in the future.


I have created an information sheet and linked it down people. Feel free to share this with people to spread this information. Also comment any ideas or feedback down below.


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