How might we enhance the coffee experience in the town?

This video explains my idea for a local coffee shop in my small town.

The plan for the inside is to have a rustic modern look that the rest of the town has. Our town is heavy in the farming industry and that is how I’d like for the inside to look. From the wall decor to the furniture. And everything in between.
This is the final BMC that I created, this is for the coffee shop idea.

I created a survey and asked coffee-related questions. Those questions were, what do you want to see in a coffee shop? Do you like going to a coffee shop, if so, why? If a coffee shop was to open in Wilson would you go? What would be the reason for you to visit the Wilson coffee shop? What would be a good name for the coffee shop? Those are just a few. of the questions. Now if you have time would you fill the survey out?
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  1. April 24, 2020 by Elana Munasinghe

    Hello Jhon,

    I feel like this is an interesting project idea, it really engages me due to the fact that coffee shops are a place that people rarely dislike, therefore your title can intrigue many people into looking into your project.

    What are your connections with coffee shops? Why is this project so important to you? Why did you decide to work on this?

  2. April 28, 2020 by Kaz Miura

    Hi John, I think that this is a very nice idea for your town. You mentioned how a coffee shop could bring together older generations with younger generations, and I liked this point. I personally had some goals of bringing together different generations in my community, and your project was very effective in solving this problem. Nice work!

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