Is there a stigma with mental healthcare?

Why Mental Healthcare

When you think about issues or problems that you might encounter medically, would your first thought be to see a doctor for all of them? Whether that be a pain, congestion, abdominal, kidneys, etc.. I started to think and ask around, and I found out that mental health isn’t something that people would prefer to see a doctor about. So is there a problem with the mental care in Columbus, or is there a view on it that makes people uncomfortable talking about.

What People Should Know

  • There has definitely been an increase in mental health issues or concerns within the generation of young adults.
  • Most of these mental health issues can come from anxiety, depression, or even stress.
  • As seen in the statistic below from the website Active Minds, 50% of mental health issues begin by the age of 14. For some people at the age of 14, this is the year that they will start high school and maybe eventually go to college. Highschool can have a toll on a teenager’s mind for some people.
  • It can be seen that within some schools, mental health problems are sort of made feel common and they talk to their peers about it but never think about consulting a doctor.
  • As seen in the statistic below from the website Active Minds, 2 out of 3 students with anxiety or depression don’t seek treatment.
  • There might be a couple of reasons this is the way it is. It could possibly be that some think they can fix their own problems, they don’t want to get made fun of for having these problems, their mental health care system isn’t as good as they’d like, and maybe other issues.
  • Though because these students don’t seek treatment, it could lead to worse problems sometimes within their future.
To show the mental health effect on young adults.

How can you help?

A change can start with anyone, and you can be that change. There are many different ways you or anyone can help. You can educate yourself within this area and showing others empathy on their issue or problem and not contribute to the current stigma on mental health. You can join or help with an awareness group with this issue. Change begins with you and your interactions with everyone.

Please comment down below if you have any questions or comments about my topic. Also, comment down below if you know any ways to help people feel more comfortable about this. Thank you.


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