How can overfishing be mitigated without severe damage to communities that depend on it?

Need-to-know statistics

Pacific herring population: Down 71% since 1960

Atlantic herring population: Down 63% since 1960

Atlantic cod population: Down 69% since 1960

Bluefin tuna population: Down 77% since 1970*

Tuna are arranged prior to the first auction of the year at Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo in January

The population of targeted species

Exploited means that they are catching the maximum amount of fish to the point where they can still reproduce.

My response – Fish Farming

While commercial fishing has not slowed down any, fish farming has become the fastest-growing agricultural industry in the world.  From 1996 to 2012, the amount of fish produced from farms has increased by 43 tons.  These farms are beneficial because they can take some of the pressure off of the species that are being highly targeted.  This allows for the species in the wild to reproduce and fix the issue with the food chain.

I have determined that funding fish farming is the best solution by using what I have learned this year in game theory.  It is the optimal solution in regards to both sides of the problem.  It is relatively easy and can produce a large percentage of the fish that are currently being caught.  These fish will never be able to be released into the ocean, but with the correct diet, they can go straight from farm to table.

How we can help

For me, this is not a local issue because nobody near me depends of seafood for their main source of meat, which means there would be no need for fish farms.  However, there are still ways that we can help mitigate this problem.  First of all, no matter where you are fishing, always catch and release.  Also, make sure that you are only fishing during the correct time of year in order to not affect breeding

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