Bioethics Panel and Climate Change Interviews

To explore young people’s learnings and advocacy efforts beyond the many conference projects, this year we decided to showcase some of the relevant and timely work and experiences by students in Bioethics and Climate Change and Global Inequality. 

The first feature is a conversation with four GOA Bioethics students, who used a bioethics lens to look at COVID-19 and a related topic in their conference projects. In the conversation, you’ll hear about the field generally, the bioethics principles they’ve learned and used all semester to analyze diverse topics, and then their more specialized and final work on their catalyst projects. 

In the course of the semester, students in our Climate Change and Global Inequality class interviewed a number of professionals who work on climate change solutions. What stands out about these conversations: how student acquired vast information about varied careers in climate change solutions. Further, they met individuals whose work is driven by passion and commitment and a deep belief in the need for environmental protection and ambitious responses to the threats that climate change poses. 

Below we start with a video that introduces the course and the interview project; then we share highlights from four of the interviews. 

Climate Change and Global Inequality teacher Tina Bessias introduces the student interviews with professionals working on climate change solutions

Meet Julia Olson, Executive Director and Chief Legal Counsel for Our Children’s Trust.

Climate Change and Global Inequality Course: Interview with Julia Olson

Meet Doris Treptow, professor of fashion at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, GA. 

Climate Change and Global Inequality Course: Interview with Doris Treptow

Meet Tim McDonald, an architect, founder and CEO of Onion Flats LLC. a Philadelphia based real estate development/design/build firm. 

Climate Change and Global Inequality Course: Interview with Tim McDonald

Meet Sharon Jackson, the Founder and CEO of the European Sustainability Academy. She is also a consultant, Associate Faculty member at Cranfield School of Management in the UK, and a Visiting Research Fellow at Athens University of Economics and Business.