Time Machine: Do your teachers know how long it takes you to do their homework?


What you need to know

  • High school students report up to 7 hours/night on homework
  • 56% of high schoolers name homework as a primary source of stress
  • In addition to stress, excessive homework can cause: 
    • sleep deprivation
    • headaches
    • poor eating habits

A TED talk video on the reality of homework in high schools.

My customer research:

Part of my research involved interviewing students and teachers about their experiences with homework. Below are some quotes from these interviews that I think capture the essence of the basis of this project

A lot of teachers just don’t get that an assignment they think takes 30 minutes really can take… two hours to really get. You might be able to just get it done in 30 minutes, but if you actually want to learn it, it can take a lot longer. Teachers want kids to learn, but they don’t see the assignment from our perspective”

– Highschool Junior

“As teachers, we work hard to have a curriculum that is challenging, engaging, and prepares students for their future… but it’s hard to balance rigor with a reasonable workload… and [to] know where to draw that line”

-10th grade teacher

Another part of my customer research involved sending out a survey to students at my high school. Here are some of the statistics that popped out at me:

  • 0% of students said that all of their homework assignments help them learn
  • 60% of students think they are assigned too much homework
  • 85% of students said their teacher think homework takes them less time than it does
  • 85% of students said they would use this app! (described below)

TimeMachine app

My solution is a data-capture application in which students can input the number of hours they spend on assignments for any given class.

The basics:

  • Students consistently enter data on the time it takes them to complete assignments in each of their classes
  • Teachers and administration view the data
  • Curriculums adapt to maximize learning and minimize stress

Customizable features

  • Colors/theme with each school’s colors
  • Choice of who can see the data (ex. Students, teachers, etc.)
  • Choice of what type of graph is used to represent the data
  • Type of data (all grades, a certain grade, a certain class, etc.)


If you are a student, help me continue this project by completing the survey below! It will take you less than three minutes.

Student Survey for Customer Research


My BMC (Business Model Canvas)

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  1. April 24, 2020 by Sophia

    I think your app is a really good idea! Your entire page was super informative and very easy to relate to. The statistics from your survey was a really good way to emphasize how students really feel about homework, and hopefully more attention will be brought to it to avoid putting excessive amounts of stress on students. As you described your app, I realized how much I wanted my school to start using it. Are you planning on having schools implement your app through the school’s administration or through the student body?

  2. April 24, 2020 by Amaya

    Hey Amalie,

    I think that this app is a great idea. I would love to have a way for students to give constant feedback on homework while it still being easy for the teachers to process. I often find myself overwhelmed with the workload while the teacher thinks that it is a normal amount. In addition to you topic, I love the layout of you page and it was really easy to understand.

  3. April 26, 2020 by Jane

    This is a really cool project and I think that it is super smart. I know I spend 2-3 hours on homework every night and I don’t think that my teachers really understand how long it takes.

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