What Do You Do When You Are At a Large Event Alone With No Cell Service?

Many people have been in a large crowd, whether that crowd be a concert, music festival, or even Mardi Gras. In these situations, often cell service is very spotty and phones can die. But with that in mind, how can you find people if you are left alone? What if you are lost with no service or reliable means to find someone? Growing up in New Orleans, I am accustomed to the potential dangers of being lost alone during Mardi Gras with no service and very worried parents, so I wanted to explore a way for both kids and parents to enjoy themselves at large events in the case of a cell phone mishap. 

Thus far, the only applications used for tracking in a large group are things such as “Find my I Phone,” but they do not address or account for a dead phone or lack of cell service. 

Introducing: The Buddy Bracelet

My solution is “The Buddy Bracelet,” a bracelet that uses wifi signals to connect people to one another in a large crowd. When moving in the correct direction, the bracelet will indicate the user so that they can safely find a “buddy” if they are lost and alone. When I surveyed my grade, the price and reliability were very important aspects of the bracelet,  but I am having a problem. 

I need your help…it would be much more expensive and complicated to have a bracelet that works specifically between two people. An alternative to this would be to get security and police onboard and create the bracelet so that it leads the user to police or security at the event. What do you all think? Is there a better solution that wifi signals that could connect two people together? 

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